Refresh Water Store of Lake Worth Texas

Beginning in 1998 as ‘Water By The Gallon’ we opened our doors in March of that year. The store was owned by my wife and I, Skip & Sheri Foster, until 2006. We sold the store into the great hands of Al and Nina who took great care of it. If you were a customer during their ownership you will remember Ginger their dog who playfully greeted you and helped you out with your water…. by riding on the bottom of the cart. Al and Nina decided to be closed to their children who are in College Station and they sold the store back to us in 2012.

At that time we changed the name of the store to ‘Refresh’. Our vision for Refresh is to provide our customers with products what are ‘refreshing’ like purified water, natural gourmet foods, natural skin care products and a few others.

Still located in the original location in Lake Worth Texas next to Ginger Brown’s Restaurant we are providing our customers with great purified water. Our reverse osmosis machine produces a whopping 4000 gallons of water per day. We do not at this time sell that much, but we have the equipment to keep up with whatever demand our future brings to us.

The Lake Worth Center Mall is located right off the hwy 820 and Jacksboro hwy exit. Our anchor store here is Albertson’s grocery. Refresh Water Store is located in between Albertsons’ and Ginger Browns.

It is our goal to allow people to enjoy fresh water again by purifying it with our 12 step process. We also provide alkaline water along with our RO water. The alkaline water is a 9.5 pH mineral water.

Bad taste and and foul smell will hinder most people from making water their beverage of choice. We eliminate those two objections along with 99.6% of all other contaminates. Our average daily TDS measurement here at Refresh Water Store is 3-4.

Refresh Water Store product